Aspiration Developer Summit, Oakland, CA – 11/17/08

Aspiration notes:

The big question for Net2?

* How to tighten n2y4 challenge framework in way that makes work/participation compelling to a a relatively small # of mobile app developers around the globe?

* What’s fundamentally missing from the n2 challenge framework from a ‘web/mobile dev’ perspective? What tools are missing?

* Who might help us answer these q’s?

Interesting Projects/Organizations to research:

* Open Handset Alliance

* Twitter Voter Project Key Learnings:

1. Mobile Platforms. We need to help our constituents better understand the benefits and costs of mobile platforms.

Solutions might include:

(a) articulating said costs and benefits for the net2 community

(b) identify key experts to help articulate potential of mobile apps for good

(c) identify case studies NOW! so people have models to better understand the complexity

Quotes: “Email is still killer app on smart phone.” – Peter Campbell

Pics: stay tuned!

One response to “Aspiration Developer Summit, Oakland, CA – 11/17/08

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