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Chris Riley creates neat visual representation of what BBC ‘wants’ people to read vs. what people are ‘actually’ reading (via Jarvis).

so what are you waiting for?

(Kathy Sierra on pushing the envelope in the workplace * and beyond.)

closet feminist

Prediction: Mothers will emerge as the most organized, influential and powerful group of the 21st century.

new deal

Jarvis encourages salty dogs to reimagine the possibilities (read full post — quote at bottom):

“How do we go to where the people are with what they need and how do we enable them to do what they want to do?”

More support for this way of thinking from some law professor here.

1/2 english, 1/2 american


stop the madness

cool site of the day (thanks evelyn!)


I’ve been digging around flickr to try and find people who might be interested in helping get the word out about the gobarnraising project when I stumbled upon Tom, and a picture of the same Alan the neighbor I photographed just the other day.