digital divide

"Roughly 1 billion PCs are now in use across the world; many office workers spend more time with their PCs than they do asleep or with their families.  But the PC’s spread has been uneven: in America there are 70 PCs for every 100 people, compared with 35 in France, 7 in Brazil, and 3 in China."
– The Economist

Some thoughts:
* What about Africa?   How many PCs per 100 people in that resource rich continent?
* I’m embarrased that I’m one of the many office wankers who spend more time with my PC than I do "asleep or with their families."

The Economist celebrated the PC’s 25th birthday last week and asked a pointed question, "Are the PC’s best days now behind it?"  Considering your blackberry or phone or digital camera sidesteps the PC to deliver it’s sophisticated functionality, many argue t’is is true.  What I’m interested in learning how best to create a model so that the Telco’s like Nokia or Verizon or RMI or whatever the Blackberrie company calls itself could create low-cost devices specifically for emergin markets and use ngo’s around the globe as distribution and training centers. 


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