How to define your role in your organization

  My boss, Marnie Webb has pulled together a 2-page summary that begins to define what the role, responsibilities and goals of our emerging Knowledge Services team.  It’s been enjoyable to read and even more interesting to contribute to the writing of what I think of as our team’s constitution.  Like everything else in our work-style, the construction process is iterative and open among all members. Unsurprisingly, like the phenomenon of ‘user-generated content,’ only a very small percentage of players participate in the creation process — it seems that most people are more comfortable watching the game than playing the game.

This piece inspired me to add a few bits to the CompuWiki Monday morning. 

(Add to rules of engagement section:)
No propaganda or ignorance allowed.

(Add section of favorite books, articles, thinkers.)
Here’s a list of a few of my favorite books:  Letters to a Young Poet, Democracy in America, The Wisdom of Crowds, Fire in the Belly. 
Authors/Thinkers: Jeff Bezos, Tom Peters, Seth Godin, Bill Graves, Tony Fels,

* here’s my reading pipeline.


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