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Helping people bring friends and family together since some time in the 60’s (I pulled the note below from the daily email I receive from the Laughing Squid list:

----/ The Squid List 

The 711 Club Memorial Flashmob: 7:11 on 7/11 in front of the 7-11 at

Tuesday, July 11th



----/ Event Description

What better way to remember the 711 than to spend 7/11 at the 7-11?

What: Flashmob to memorialize the 711 Club
Where: 711 Market Street
When: 7:11 PM on July 7.

Do you remember the 711 Club at 711 Market street, the charming 
little dive behind the carved dutch doors on Market near 3rd?  Of 
course you do.  How could you forget any bar with a glittery ceiling, 
fuzzy wallpaper, and that carving on the back wall.

Did you shed a tear when it suddenly closed in 2003?  Did you think 
it was a joke when the 7-11 logos went up?  Did you wonder if Martin 
finally won the Lotto?

Do you still miss the place?

If so, than this is for you.   On TUESDAY, JULY 11TH, at 
approximately 7:11 PM, it will be time to remember the 711 Club - the 
only speakeasy turned saloon turned dive bar turned ironic 
convenience store in the lower 48.

And is there a better place to remember the 711 at 7:11 on 7/11 than 
in front of the 7-11?

No.  There isn't.

We're going to do this flashmob style.   Please arrive before 7:11, 
and bring a beverage of your choice (bonus points for Kostritzer).   
Loiter around the corner of 3rd and market until the time is right.

At exactly 7:11 pm, you should walk to the front of the 7-11 (at 711 
Market St, natch), open your beverage and spill some on the ground.   
Then you are encouraged to loiter, beverage in hand, in front of the 
7-11 reminiscing.

Questions and comments to phoneybalogna@gmail.com

----/ Venue Info

The former site of the 711 Club
711 Market ST
San Francisco

On Market street near Third.

----/ Additional Info




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