Rating hostels

After returning home from a backpacking trip around Guatemala, I dreamed up this crazy idea about opening a hostel in every continent in the world.   Currently, I’m looking into what it takes ($, resources, etc.) to get started while trying to figure out exactly where (what city?) to begin.

These folks use this criteria with members to rate hostels around the world.  What’s most important to you when staying at a hostel?


Hostel Ratings






Having booked and stayed in a hostel, our customers are given the
opportunity to rate their stay using based on the following criteria:














Hostel Character
the building memorable? Would you recommend it to others for its
originality or is it just another hostel? Is it evident that some
degree of effort went into making the hostel look the way it does? Does
the hostel have a story to tell? Does it have a nice atmosphere?
Hostel Security
there safety deposit boxes for valuables, are there lockers/storage
areas for baggage, is there a keycard system in place, or are there
secure storage facilities in the rooms? Did you feel safe in the hostel?
Hostel Location
the hostel centrally located? Or is the location a beautiful location?
Are the main attractions within walking distance? Are there particular
areas of interest in the vicinity?
Hostel Staff
staff do what they can to improve your stay? Are they helpful,
attentive, knowledgeable about the area in which you were staying,
reliable or are they just plain useless?
Hostel Cleanliness
pretty much speaks for itself. Is the room clean and tidy on arrival
and cleaned daily thereafter? Are bathrooms and communal areas
(including kitchens) kept clean at all times? If towels and linen are
provided, do you regard them as safe to use – or would you rather use
your own?
most important one of all. Did you enjoy your time in the hostel? Is
there a bar, games room, restaurant or communal meeting areas? Is
entertainment provided (games, videos, music etc.) or does the hostel
organize any activities for its guests?

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