Re-learning optimism

Marty Seligman’s book, Learned Optimism is an easy-to-read practical pop-ish psychology book that has proven to help me manage my negative thoughts over the last month.  Considering this, I thought I’d share a few of Marty’s rules of positive engagement. 

(Note: I recently returned from a 3-week vacation in Central America, and have only been back to work for a few days).

Notes to self:
1. Identify automatic negative thoughts.
2. Dispute automatic negative thoughts with contrary evidence.
3. Create different explanations (Reattribution).
4. Distract yourself from depressive thoughts (Sounds like ‘ostrich politics,’ but it works!).
5. Recognize and question depression and sowing assumptions that govern what I do.
6. Stop the circuitous ruminations (And how!).
7. Optimistic explanations energize.
8. Next time you ruminate, STOP!  Make a written note of the thought and assign a later time to think about the thought.

Books that came up during my time in Guatemala (which I’ve added to my wishlist here): 


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