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How to define your role in your organization

  My boss, Marnie Webb has pulled together a 2-page summary that begins to define what the role, responsibilities and goals of our emerging Knowledge Services team.  It’s been enjoyable to read and even more interesting to contribute to the writing of what I think of as our team’s constitution.  Like everything else in our work-style, the construction process is iterative and open among all members. Unsurprisingly, like the phenomenon of ‘user-generated content,’ only a very small percentage of players participate in the creation process — it seems that most people are more comfortable watching the game than playing the game.

This piece inspired me to add a few bits to the CompuWiki Monday morning. 

(Add to rules of engagement section:)
No propaganda or ignorance allowed.

(Add section of favorite books, articles, thinkers.)
Here’s a list of a few of my favorite books:  Letters to a Young Poet, Democracy in America, The Wisdom of Crowds, Fire in the Belly. 
Authors/Thinkers: Jeff Bezos, Tom Peters, Seth Godin, Bill Graves, Tony Fels,

* here’s my reading pipeline.


I’m investigating the features, functionality and the overall way online dating sites communicate with users over here, and thought it would be interesting to note my responses to the questions people ask me here.

What excites you about your life?

1.  Marching to my own drum, which is really about defining how to spend my day/week/year at work and leisure. 
2.  Riding my bicycle to work. 
3.  Planning long excursions overseas. 
4.  The possibility of living abroad. 
5.  Books in general, but reading about culture and tips about how to navigate through the world is exciting to me. 
6. Connecting disparate dots between my life and my work. 
.  Serendipity. 
7.  Empowering and connecting people to the others that can help make ideas come to life.

What would you change, if anything?

1. Be more patient in general and less hard on my self. 
2. Complete ideas/stuff more often.
3. Have less inhibition.
4. Be more mindful throughout my day.

If you had the opportunity to speak with a family member who is
no longer living? 

I’d like to talk to my Dad’s Dad, Robert.  We called him ‘Popsy.’  He was born in Glasgow Scotland, moved to London at 14 and made his way to America sometime in his 30s.  He seems to have been a really interesting man — he allegedly played semi-pro soccer in England, wrote well, drank hard and fell in love with many different women (He got married 4 times I think). 

What would you ask them?
* Tell me about what it was like to migrating alone from Scotland to England when you were only 14 years old.
* Who inspired you in your life?
* What kind of books did you read?
* Tell me about the first time you fell in love.
* What was my father’s mother like?

What would you want them to
know about you?

* I’m big on bicycles (I think because of you.  After all, you taught me how to ride a bike when I was only 3 or 4 years old).
* I’m big on traveling and women.
* I don’t drink as much as you did.
* I do good work that for the most part I enjoy.
* I’m pretty much still single at 32.


Remarkable, on more than (1) front.

Goals worth sharing

Considering how things are going today, are these goals realistic, or just some kind of UN Public Relations Campaign?  I’d like to attend this conference in September to learn how CompuMentor might make a contribution to this ambitious project.


Go Alex!  The people behind World Changing continue to impress me with thought-provoking and challenging commentary on sustainable living.  Alex’s post is reminding me to create a constitution, manifesto or some simple document explaining the values we keep. 

3 questions

I’m working on a few questions the people behind Zaadz ask all community members before signing up.  Thought I’d share them with you all to learn more about where you’re coming from, and help me commit to sharing my answers with Zaadz and you all.

Have at ’em:

* How are we going to change the world together?
* What do you love about Zaadz?
* What is your philosophy in two sentences?


For some reason I stopped visiting Zaadz about 6 months ago, but I recently learned about their redesign via Cthings.  I’m loving the way the guys use tag clouds to visually represent the concepts, terms and things they’re most interested in.  Brilliant!